Words About Us*

*The only words on this page that are not in the top ten hundred most used words are: our names, the names of our colleges and companies, and pizza, because are you kidding me? Pizza? It seems like food is really hard to talk about using only the top ten hundred words. Don’t believe me? Just try it.

Want the harder words about us? They are here.

teague-artTeague Hopkins is the leader of the Teague Hopkins Group and has spent 15 years working on planning and creating new things with lots of people like: the group of people that run our country, computer companies that made lots of money, the world’s largest company that helps people with businesses, and our country’s most trusted service, among others.

He has been an leader of the local group of people learning about how to start new businesses in a Lean way, a helper to the event that teaches those Lean ways to more people, and created new things for people in business classes to learn from for a very large bank while working as a student learning about new things for his business school’s Serious Games effort.

Teague has been recognized for helping large groups of people by: the state he grew up in, the college he went to, and the business school he went to after that.

Teague studied running businesses, in which he did very well, at Babson College’s Business School with two main parts: starting new business, and running businesses that use computers. He also studied making, using, and understanding ideas about computers at Wesleyan University, mostly learning about how people watch, listen to, and play with computers, and how humans and computers talk to each other.

Jason Nellis is a leader at Brllnt, which is a company that helps other companies tell people about the things they sell. They also make things to watch and listen to for the companies they help. The companies they help are ones like: groups that help people and make no money, companies that pay people to play games with balls and such, and local area businesses.

He learned how people tell other people about things at Northwestern University, was one of the first people to work for the company that lets people watch TV on their computers, and he, his parents, and their parents all lived in the place where the leaders of our country work.

Right now, he is the main leader of the local group of people learning about how to start new businesses in a Lean way. He used to be the main person telling people about another local group of people who were interested in starting new businesses, and at one time was paid to act things out. He has spoken, both around here and in other places around the world, about putting TV and radio on computers, the best ways for people to tell other people about things, and how to start new businesses in a Lean way.

He enjoys an old kind of grown-up drink, a thick kind of pizza, and a good computer-radio station.