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SJ11 – Bossy or The Boss? with The Good Lemon

We were joined by two brilliant women who are building a digital marketing and communications consulting business: The Good Lemon. We know that the startup space is different (and in many cases more difficult) for women. Come listen to some folks who are more qualified than we are to talk about that.

Megan and Katie will shared their perspectives and answered questions from the audience about what it’s like as women starting their own business, how to get a business up and running quickly, and graciously gave us some free digital communications advice.

Megan and Katie also mentioned two of their clients during the show. Those links are here.


Phillips Black Juvenile Justice

Originally aired October 12 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.

More original artwork by friend-of-the-show Mr. Wonderful.

More original artwork by friend-of-the-show Mr. Wonderful.


  • Megan Barrett, Co-Founder of The Good Lemon
  • Katie Stanton, Co-Founder of The Good Lemon

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Episode 10 – The Business of Space with NASA’s Lauren Worley

The stellar Lauren Worley took some time out of her busy day at NASA to talk with us about the business side of space. We also talk about water on Mars, commercial space exploration, The Martian (and dust vs lightning storms), communications and marketing in space, other targets for exploration, preventing asteroids from hitting Earth, and the process of breaking big stories from the outer limits.

Originally aired October 5 at 1pm EDT/10am PDT.


  • Lauren Worley, Press Secretary and Senior Advisor at NASA


NASA’s Software Catalog

Project Apollo Archive

NASA’s Office of Space Economics

Gizmodo Story: NASA’s free software

NASA’s Prizes and Challenges

NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge

NASA’s LAUNCH initiative – partnership with Nike and others

NASA’s The Real Martians

Jason Nellis - Stop Digging Your Own Hole - by Mr. Wonderful

Stop Digging Your Own Hole! – by Mr. Wonderful

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Episode 9 – How Do You Interview?

We talked about water on mars, how to hire top performers, our favorite interview questions, why culture matters, and why free beer and ping-pong don’t.

Originally aired September 28 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.


  • Travis Owens
  • Laurie Aiello

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Episode 8 – Encore Alert with James Li

“Let’s Get Digital”

James Li joined us to talk all about Encore Alert, social media, marketing, 500 Startups, and even a bit of hiring. He also gave us an exclusive scoop on an upcoming Encore Alert feature release coming later this week. Sol joined in to ask and answer a few questions about social media and MINR.

Also, we’d like to send out a special thanks to Mr. Wonderful for our first ever fan art.

Startup Jab #8 by Mr. Wonderful

Originally Aired on September 21 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.


  • James Li, Co-founder and CEO of Encore Alert
  • Sol Weinreich, Co-founder and CEO of MINR

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Episode 7 – Money, Money, Money! with Dominique Broadway

Dominique joined us to talk about her business, personal finance for entrepreneurs, unpaid interns, and how your first experience with money shapes your attitudes towards money.

Originally aired September 15 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.


  • Dominique Broadway, Personal Finance Expert and Money Therapist

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Episode 5 – The Business of eSports

We talk about the business side of eSports, upcoming games, and the future of the industry.

Originally aired September 4 at 2pm EDT/11am PDT.


  • Alex Fletcher, Founder of Entiva Group
  • Seth Louey, Creative Director for MadGlory
  • Mike ‘Hawkeye’ Chapman, Head of Community for

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Episode 4 – Working for Yourself

After some hilarious antics trying to get a webcam working on Windows 10, Ryland and Frank give some insight into mission statements, working for yourself, balancing a relationship with a startup, and the value of co-working spaces. Also goldfish & space yachts.

Originally aired on August 31 at 3pm EDT.


  • Frank Taylor, Founder of Restin
  • Ryland Greenhouse, Founder of Mars on Gravity

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Episode 3 – UX Portfolios

How do you get a job as a UX designer? Take some advice from Paul and Brittany. They literally wrote the book on UX Portfolios. They also educated us on the nature of UX design vs. visual design, why iteration and the messy details are so important, and shared their favorite tips from the book, all while broadcasting from inside their Mini Cooper.

Originally aired at 11:30am EDT/8:30am PDT on Tuesday, August 25th.


Authors of Crafting Your UX Portfolio:

  • Brittany Mederos, Senior Designer at Microsoft
  • Paul Mederos, Product Designer at Power Supply

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Episode 2 – The Return

Despite some technical difficulties (resolved with excellent haste by the Blab team), we had a wonderful conversation with Seda Atam about lean startup, co-working spaces, the restaurant industry, and the different challenges faced by startups that work with government agencies.

Originally aired at 12pm EDT/9am PDT on Monday, August 24.


  • Seda Atam, Founder, Lighthouse Global Business

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