SJ25 – Bonus: The Future of Esports

For our favorite subscribers ONLY. (That’s you!) Check out our mini-episode (mepisode?) on a future renaissance for esports. And don’t forget to send us your comments and questions in the mailbag.

Links and Highlights:

  • Teague is officially the Droid to Jason’s iPhone. (We all knew that already, though, right?)

EA sets up Competitive Gaming Division

  • “We’re always going to be dependent on the developers to support esports, because you have to add features like the ability to spectate and make it an experience for the viewers.”

MLG sells “substantially all” assets to Activision Blizzard for $46 million, DiGiovanni replaced – eSports Observer

  • “There is some concern from players that when developers hold so much control over the entire vertical stack of an esport, there’s concern that they will try to milk it for as much money as it’s worth.”

Jason spends at least five minutes comparing esports to competitive hot dog eating. Send your letters to him here.

  • “It’s not that there’s a lack of skill in esports, but there’s a lack of athleticism.”
  • “Is marijuana a performance-enhancing drug when it comes to Halo?”

Facebook Just Held A Business Focused eSports Summit

  • “Facebook recognized that serving esports teams and developers and leagues is actually a lucrative enough business that they want to dedicate some resources to targeting that industry.”


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