SJ21 – The Business of Design with the team at Rocketkoi

The husband-and-wife team Rocketkoi joins us to talk about how they’ve built a people-focused design business, how to work with creative people, and what to look for when hiring your next designer.

Originally aired December 23 at 3pm ET/12pm PT.


  • Sarah Meskin and Mal Jones, founders of Rocketkoi


  • “The connotation that print design is old school is gone. Doing a nice print designs adds a lot of credence and a human element.”
  • “To get the right design feedback, a designer should not just say, ‘yes.’ They should always ask ‘why?'”
  • “Buzzword bingo is not a good way to design. With the industry we work in, it’s become a common vernacular: We love using buzzwords to sound really smart at talks.”
  • “We’ve lost continuity in the move to the gig economy… It reminds me of having a plumber come to do efficient work, who charges a fair wage – you’re going to call him again. You’re not going to say, ‘I’m going to disrupt my plumbing.’ We are a service-based industry; we should be striving to be that kickass plumber or mechanic.”


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