SJ14 – The Business of Comic Books with Steve Sunu

We talked about the business of comic books, and hundreds of you tuned in to listen. We talked about comics, movies, streaming, and nostalgia. There was a threat of an entire future show about Cowboys & Aliens, and a promise of an entire show about board games. Steve gave us the inside scoop on the comic books business, where the opportunities are for new innovations, and how you can make sure your favorite comics stick around.

Originally aired on November 3 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.


  • Steve Sunu, Formerly PR at Dark Horse Comics & Editor at Comic Book Resources


Why Homejoy Failed:

New Star Trek Series Premieres January 2017:

Image Comics:

Zodiac Startforce:

Scary Go Round:

Panel Syndicate:

Least I Could Do:

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