SJ13 – Unicorns, Motivation, and Why We Work

Join us for lucky episode 13. We’ll talk a little about raising money, a little about motivation and why we work, and maybe a little Xbox and Barbie thrown in for good measure. We’ll also take questions from the audience and the mailbag.

Live on October 26 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.


  • Sol Weinreich, Co-Founder at MINR
  • Mike LaRosa, Co-Founder at Wayfarer Advisory Group


WeWork Used These Documents To Convince Investors It’s Worth Billions:

WeWork CEO: The best advice I ever got came from my wife:

After 59 years, Mattel gets it right: the new Barbie ad is awesome:

The paradoxical, pressure-filled quest to build a “personal brand”:

Xbox Elite Controller:

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