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SJ14 – The Business of Comic Books with Steve Sunu

We talked about the business of comic books, and hundreds of you tuned in to listen. We talked about comics, movies, streaming, and nostalgia. There was a threat of an entire future show about Cowboys & Aliens, and a promise of an entire show about board games. Steve gave us the inside scoop on the comic books business, where the opportunities are for new innovations, and how you can make sure your favorite comics stick around.

Originally aired on November 3 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.


  • Steve Sunu, Formerly PR at Dark Horse Comics & Editor at Comic Book Resources


Why Homejoy Failed:

New Star Trek Series Premieres January 2017:

Image Comics:

Zodiac Startforce:

Scary Go Round:

Panel Syndicate:

Least I Could Do:

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SJ13 – Unicorns, Motivation, and Why We Work

Join us for lucky episode 13. We’ll talk a little about raising money, a little about motivation and why we work, and maybe a little Xbox and Barbie thrown in for good measure. We’ll also take questions from the audience and the mailbag.

Live on October 26 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.


  • Sol Weinreich, Co-Founder at MINR
  • Mike LaRosa, Co-Founder at Wayfarer Advisory Group


WeWork Used These Documents To Convince Investors It’s Worth Billions:

WeWork CEO: The best advice I ever got came from my wife:

After 59 years, Mattel gets it right: the new Barbie ad is awesome:

The paradoxical, pressure-filled quest to build a “personal brand”:

Xbox Elite Controller:

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SJ12 – The Business of Comedy with Brock Wilbur

We’ll be joined by award-winning comedian and writer Brock Wilbur of the Brock Party podcast. We’ll talk about the business of being funny, making a living as a comedian, why beards are the best, and maybe also chainsaws. His podcast has 10 times as many episodes as ours so he must know what he’s doing. We dare you not to laugh.

Join us live on October 21 at 1pm EDT/10am PDT.


  • Brock Wilbur, Host of Brock Party

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SJ11 – Bossy or The Boss? with The Good Lemon

We were joined by two brilliant women who are building a digital marketing and communications consulting business: The Good Lemon. We know that the startup space is different (and in many cases more difficult) for women. Come listen to some folks who are more qualified than we are to talk about that.

Megan and Katie will shared their perspectives and answered questions from the audience about what it’s like as women starting their own business, how to get a business up and running quickly, and graciously gave us some free digital communications advice.

Megan and Katie also mentioned two of their clients during the show. Those links are here.


Phillips Black Juvenile Justice

Originally aired October 12 at 3pm EDT/12pm PDT.

More original artwork by friend-of-the-show Mr. Wonderful.

More original artwork by friend-of-the-show Mr. Wonderful.


  • Megan Barrett, Co-Founder of The Good Lemon
  • Katie Stanton, Co-Founder of The Good Lemon

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Episode 10 – The Business of Space with NASA’s Lauren Worley

The stellar Lauren Worley took some time out of her busy day at NASA to talk with us about the business side of space. We also talk about water on Mars, commercial space exploration, The Martian (and dust vs lightning storms), communications and marketing in space, other targets for exploration, preventing asteroids from hitting Earth, and the process of breaking big stories from the outer limits.

Originally aired October 5 at 1pm EDT/10am PDT.


  • Lauren Worley, Press Secretary and Senior Advisor at NASA


NASA’s Software Catalog

Project Apollo Archive

NASA’s Office of Space Economics

Gizmodo Story: NASA’s free software

NASA’s Prizes and Challenges

NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge

NASA’s LAUNCH initiative – partnership with Nike and others

NASA’s The Real Martians

Jason Nellis - Stop Digging Your Own Hole - by Mr. Wonderful

Stop Digging Your Own Hole! – by Mr. Wonderful

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